Lines & Powerlines

Lines & Powerlines Artwork


By Luke Garfield

Trace the scar lines with your fingers
Press down on the broken skin the blood wells up under your nails
These broken bones and scattered starlight growing
These broken bones and shattered starlight growing

It’s so good to feel
It’s so good to feel
to hold
and enfold

Lines and powerlines, oh just let us feel
So much brick so much grey, A caged bird longs fly away
Your broken voice takes my static away
Your broken voice takes my static away

Because your hope finds me in unfamiliar places

White Tulip

White Tulip



by Luke Garfield

It overwhelms me, feels like a warm blanket over my face
suffocating – screaming – burning stomach ache
Hope is so close but my eyes aren’t open yet
and I’m still drowning here in this daylight.

Cause I can see right through you
Cause I can see right through myself
I’m a liar with the best of them but I keep it to myself

You were never the enemy I want to breath in your thoughts
These things they can’t stay the same now that there’s no one to blame

Wind blow by my window sweep me out the door take me violently oh from here
I feel you wake me from a deep sleep a deeper peace
I flew the bridge and mountain such a distant longing
A dream breaking and now the ground is shaking

White Tulip Artwork Photography: Tony Warelius


Commandant Song Artwork



by David Arnold

Commandant, Iʼm trying to tell you (2x)
Iʼm trying to tell you where to set the trap to get that guy
I know you care, its under wraps but on supply

Ooh, I learned how to take it all
Take the bad with the good and fall
In line with the Diplomats, itʼs their call
If they never wanna catch him, he can make it all
The way to his home in that Northern sprawl
To his wife and his newborn daughter
Just donʼt listen to a word I say and it will work out just this way

Ooh, I learned how to give it all
Lay it down in this wooded hall
One foot in front of the other, now breathe
Watch your back, theyʼre there in the trees
Commandant, Iʼm trying to show you (2x)
Iʼm trying to show you all the tricks I know, I know Iʼm just a

Lowly doll dressed up for the show, but pardon sir
I have a plan to change this man, I know it can
I know its got to be this way
Yeah, to be this way







The Veil

The Veil album artwork




By Luke Garfield & David Arnold

Everything has changed, since I’ve been away
This is a different place
Is not happiness

Before the world began
You were and I am

They fell asleep then they stuffed their faces
Something we conjured from thin air
They all believed it, the fairy tail that
How can you claim that which isn’t yours

Sure I’ll probably change my mind
but it happens all the time
cynicism wracks my brain
false feelings like novacain
Face both my eyes to the sky
track feelings flying by
a waste land to call my own
it’s such a happy ending

They Are There

They Are There album artwork




by David Arnold

my work
my work
cause they’re there
they’re there
they want me
they know
cause they’re there

these words upon words

(they’re there)

build a home
build a home

(deep the forest does go)

cause they’re there
they’re there

build a home
build a home
build a home

Album Art: “The Woodpile” by Joseph Conroy