Commandant Song Artwork



by David Arnold

Commandant, Iʼm trying to tell you (2x)
Iʼm trying to tell you where to set the trap to get that guy
I know you care, its under wraps but on supply

Ooh, I learned how to take it all
Take the bad with the good and fall
In line with the Diplomats, itʼs their call
If they never wanna catch him, he can make it all
The way to his home in that Northern sprawl
To his wife and his newborn daughter
Just donʼt listen to a word I say and it will work out just this way

Ooh, I learned how to give it all
Lay it down in this wooded hall
One foot in front of the other, now breathe
Watch your back, theyʼre there in the trees
Commandant, Iʼm trying to show you (2x)
Iʼm trying to show you all the tricks I know, I know Iʼm just a

Lowly doll dressed up for the show, but pardon sir
I have a plan to change this man, I know it can
I know its got to be this way
Yeah, to be this way







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