White Tulip

White Tulip



by Luke Garfield

It overwhelms me, feels like a warm blanket over my face
suffocating – screaming – burning stomach ache
Hope is so close but my eyes aren’t open yet
and I’m still drowning here in this daylight.

Cause I can see right through you
Cause I can see right through myself
I’m a liar with the best of them but I keep it to myself

You were never the enemy I want to breath in your thoughts
These things they can’t stay the same now that there’s no one to blame

Wind blow by my window sweep me out the door take me violently oh from here
I feel you wake me from a deep sleep a deeper peace
I flew the bridge and mountain such a distant longing
A dream breaking and now the ground is shaking

White Tulip Artwork Photography: Tony Warelius

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